Ultrasonic Welding: Basic Knowledge

Date:Oct 08, 2019

            Ultrasonic welding is a welding type that makes use of ultrasonic vibrations to weld materials. To weld two materials together, they are put under a high level of pressure. The pressure makes the weld strong. Usually, materials that are made of plastic are the ones that are connected together using this method.


            Aside from plastic, this welding type is also used to weld metals. Whether the materials welded are plastic or metal, the resulting weld is strong, but the bond between metals is definitely stronger.


            Contact with the materials to be welded. This horn softens thermoplastics and heats up metals. Although vibrations caused by a sonotrode heat up metals, the temperature is not high enough to melt the metals objects. The weld is actually called a cold weld.


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