Automobile A-pillar Plastic Piece Flat Welding Machine

Automobile A-pillar Plastic Piece Flat Welding Machine

Description: Ultrasonic welding equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The parts are sandwiched between a fixed shaped nest (anvil) and a sonotrode (horn) connected to a transducer, and a ~20 kHz low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted....

Automobile A-pillar Plastic Piece Flat Welding Machine

Automotive A-pillar plastic partsAutomotive A-pillar plastic parts 4Automotive A-pillar plastic parts 2


The automobile A-pillar plastic piece flat welding machine is to use the ultrasonic technology to weld the A-pillars to each other. It is controlled by PLC controller, and the multi-head ultrasonic mother-child welding is used for one-time welding. The A-pillar generally uses the material to weld better, and the welding strength reaches the customer’s requirement.




1. Safety device such as safety grating, emergency stop button, honey alarm, etc.

2. Multi-head ultrasonic system, sub-weld head, control of ultrasonic welding head through electric box switching

3. Each cylinder individually controls a single ultrasonic welding torch, and the cylinder slides

4. Using PLC control system to control ultrasonic welding time, curing time and other parameters

5. The equipment adopts rapid mold change structure, and the specific parameters of the equipment are designed according to the requirements of the customer for non-standard design.


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