Ultrasonic Horn

Date:Oct 08, 2019

             The use of ultrasonic welding is common in the production of large quantities of products. This type of welding produces strong and clean welds at a small amount of time. Industries that always need to produce large amounts of their products, such as the medical and automotive industries, use ultrasonic welding in order to meet the demand.

             To weld through ultrasonic welding, there are items that are needed. There must be an ultrasonic stack that has a sonotrode and a transducer. There should also be a generator that can supply the power that the transducer needs in order to create ultrasonic vibrations. A controller must be present so the direction that the sonotrode moves can be controlled. There has to be an anvil which is where the materials to be welded are placed. Lastly, there should be two materials that can be welded using ultrasonic energy. 

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