The working principle and advantages of ultrasonic food cutting blade

Date:Jul 16, 2018

The working principle and advantages of ultrasonic food cutting blade


Ultrasonic food cutting equipment consists of ultrasonic transducer, outer casing, booster, titanium alloy knife and CNC drive power. Ultrasonic food cutting machines are an innovation in food processing. The ultrasonic food cutting machine vibrates at a high frequency of 40 kHz or 20 kHz, which reduces the frictional resistance on the cutting surface. This low friction allows the cutting blade to cut food smoothly, making the cut surface of the food clean, beautiful and not deformed. In addition, ultrasonic cutting reduces food debris during the cutting process. This reduces downtime to clean up your production system. Ultrasonic food knives can also be easily installed in your current production system to help you better cut.


Product advantages

● Multi-layer product cutting, can keep the color between the layers

● Ultrasonic cutting advantages: fine cut, no chipping, no sticking knife

● Multi-functional type, multiple sets of cutting knives, suitable for product line.

● Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, creamy products can adapt

● Customized product cutting models can be customized according to customer needs

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