The Advantages of Ultrasonic Food Cutting Knife

- Jun 12, 2018-

The Advantages of Ultrasonic Food Cutting Knife

Ultrasonic has been used in food cutting for decades, and the technology is now quite mature. Ultrasonic can cut cake, pie, bread, candy, cheese and other foods, cutting surface clean and smooth, completely in line with the application standards of the food industry. When cutting foods such as nuts and raisins with ultrasonic devices, they can produce finer fragmentation than traditional cutting techniques. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting food has more advantages than the traditional way: the cutting surface is clean and smooth, the service life of the cutting knife is longer, more important is that can reduce production time.

When cutting food, ultrasonic cutting knife vibrates at a frequency of 20 kHz (or 30 / 40 kHz) so that food residue does not remain on the surface of the knife. The surface of the cut food is very clean and the separation between the layers is very clear. New research shows that ultrasonic cutters with higher frequencies (30 and 40 kHz) have the best effect on hot and sticky foods, and that there is no noise in the whole process.

Ultrasonic cutting system due to routine cleaning and maintenance can reduce the production time 70-90 than the traditional equipment. Customers using traditional cutting equipment who want to use ultrasonic technology processed foods, only very small changes in existing equipment, or introduce new system designs based on existing production designs, which can greatly reduce the investment cost, improve production efficiency.



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