50Khz Long Nozzle Ultrasonic Humidifier For Circuit Board Precision Spray Fluxing

50Khz Long Nozzle Ultrasonic Humidifier For Circuit Board Precision Spray Fluxing

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 50Khz Long Nozzle Ultrasonic Humidifier for Circuit Board Precision Spray fluxing

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Ultrasonic spray (FOG)is to use the energy of ultrasonic water or liquid scattered,forming several microns to 100 microns in size of particles,used for air humidifying,granulating,mixing liquid,promote chemical reaction,spraying,molten metal powder etc.

Technical Parameter:


Major power supply

220V 50HZ 2A

Power Consumption

0.001 Degrees/Kg

Atomization Volume

Average Particle Diameter Of Fog28um


1. For accurate spray application, very easy to control the shape of the injection molding.

2. Reduce waste and air pollution cause by the spray, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. High-performance titanium and stainless steel.

4. No pressure, no noise, no wear and nozzle blockage problems.

5. Low energy consumption, high atomization efficiency.


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