Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Two ABS Injection Parts

Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Two ABS Injection Parts

Description: The ultrasonic generator, also called ultrasonic driving power supply, electronic box, control box, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Main function is to generate high power and high frequency alternating current, drive the ultrasonic transducer. High-power...

Ultrasonic Puncture Welding Two ABS Injection Parts




Auto tail spoiler, also known as auto tail board, refers to the shape of duck tail that is mounted on the rear end of the trunk of a car. Some people abroad are called "sleigh boards" according to its shape. Some people in the country also call it "ducktail" or "fixed-wing". The more scientific name is "spoiler" or "spoiler wing", which is made of plastic box aluminum alloy. It is part of the car's aerodynamics package, which is designed to reduce lift at the rear of the vehicle. At present, many auto manufacturers in China are equipped with tail fins when they leave the factory to improve their mobility and aesthetics.

The application of Auto tail spoiler in the life of the car.Ultrasonic puncture welding technology is more cost-effective and durable.

Ultrasonic welding technology is used for the ultrasonic puncture welding technology of auto tail spoiler. Because the tail structure from is more diverse, you need though secondary welding splice after the injection molding of up and down keys. The original splicing process is changed from the glue bonding and the nut fixing to the ultrasonic puncture welding, in the aspect of environmental protection and cost savings are greatly improved. The advantage of using ultrasonic welding is that the welding speed is fast and the welding fastness is high. The production cycle is different depending on the number of solder joints. No damage, crack, deformation and strength of welding surface and back.




• Good components.

Ceramic mainly imported from German, and using the superior quality

aluminum, titanium raw materials.

• Individual Customize.

We can customize products according to your requirements, Also supply

OEM service. 

Customize ultrasonic solution for different applications

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