Non-woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine With High Power 35khz 800watt

Ultrasonic sewing machine is newly developed product, which can be used in textile fabric cutting and sewing with low noise. Due to higher productivity than traditional sealing machine , it becomes more and more popular.

Non-woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine with High Power 35khz 800watt

Description :

Taking into account the technical aspects of the ultrasonic lace sewing machine, it uses a 220V/50Hz power supply with a constant current of 6A. The output frequency of ultrasonic sewing is about 35 kHz, and the design sewing speed of this machine is 10 m/min.

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Specification : 

Frequency : 35kHz

Power : 800watt

Welding Speed : 10meter/min at least

Application : non-wovens , sports apparel ...


Advantages :

1. Non-woven ultrasonic sewing machine is equipped with high ultrasonic components, which can seal materials of different sizes and thicknesses.

2. Four times faster than ordinary thread sewing machine

3. Two or more layers of fabric without stitches are sewn together. Good sealing strength.

4. Make full use of it to make different types and shapes of non-woven bags, such as flat bags, boxed bags, pillow cases.

5. It is also useful to cut different designs of lace.

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