Efficient And Practical Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Surgical Gowns

Ultrasonic sealing machine is widely used in the seamless garment industry to form a fusion between two fabrics

Efficient and Practical Ultrasonic Sealing Machine for Surgical Gowns

Description :

Ultrasonic sealing machine : ultrasonic welding is to transmit high-frequency vibration to the fabric to achieve the connection. When synthetic or non-woven materials pass between ultrasonic welding heads, vibration will be generated on the fibers and heat will be quickly generated. This heat causes the synthetic fibers of the material to melt and solidify, creating a seam that will not be worn or torn.

Specification : 

Frequency : 35kHz

Power : 800watt

Welding Speed : 10meter/min at least

Application : non-wovens , sports apparel ...


Basic configuration :

1. New intelligent ultrasonic generator

2. Top-mounted ultrasonic transducer

3. Pneumatic welding head lifting system

4. Rolling mold adjustment mechanism and whole material system

5. Special frame design with multiple practical functions

6. Single-channel motor speed control system

Features :

1. It is suitable for needle-free stitching of chemical fiber cloth, non-woven fabric and hot-melt fabric. It can replace sewing or down-pressure welding. It has continuous and infinite welding function.

The welding is firm, beautiful, and high working efficiency;

2. Specially designed multi-functional rack system, with multiple purposes such as straight line stitching, turning stitching, turning stitching, and cylindrical overlapping.



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