35kHz Ultrasonic Cutting And Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic sewing machine is newly developed product, which can be used in textile fabric cutting and sewing with low noise. Due to higher productivity than traditional sealing machine , it becomes more and more popular.

35kHz Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing Machine

Description :

Ultrasonic sealing machine is an emerging equipment used for sealing and cutting textile fabrics. The heat generated by the ultrasonic vibration and fuses the materials together, without use of threads or any adhesives. Further more , the speed is much faster than traditional sewing machines and can reach 3-4 times.

Sealing machine operators quickly adjust to this threadless sealing technique. Modular systems are available for integration into automated textile manufacturing equipment and web handling equipment.
Plunge welding or cutting is accomplished by placing the material over a fixed anvil and having the horn or tool descend to the fabric. This approach is used to punch holes, such as buttonholes, to cut fabric strips to preset lengths, or to join pieces together.


Specification : 

Frequency: 35kHz

Max Power: 800Watt

Rotary Welding Horns Width: 12 mm
Allowable Rotation Speed: 100 r/min
The Horns Surface Hardness: More than HRC56
Power Adjust Method: File or Continuous
Synchronizing Wheel Specifications: 46XL Trapezoidal Tooth,Width16mm

Materials :

Materials may be 100 % synthetic or blends with up to 40 % natural fibers. Nonwovens, woven, stretch woven or knit materials can be bonded and cut or slit. Acrylics, acetates, polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, spandex and PVC are all suitable for bonding or cutting. In general, the higher the synthetic content, the easier it is to cut and seal with ultrasonic energy.
Some fabrics may be directional; that is, the fibers in one direction have a different composition than the fibers in the other direction. This may lead to different results depending on the direction of the cut and seal.

Application :

1. Making seams

2. Sleeves and cuffs

3. Special seams

4. Slitting / Sealing

5. Nonloom applications

6. Hand cutting

7. Plunge cutting

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