35 kHz Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Non-woven Bag

35 kHz Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Non-woven Bag

Description: The work method of Seamless sewing part is completely imitating traditional sewing machine. The biggest characteristic is the ultrasonic transmit horn work direction is same with the sewed cloth. Which will make the sewed point of the cloth are even, flat and fastness. Through...

35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Non-woven Bag


With ultrasonic sealing, the heat required for melting is only generated inside the thermoplastic sealing layer. For localized conversion of vibrations to friction heat, the anvil or sonotrode profiles are mostly linear. These profiles ensure focusing of the energy input and therefore short sealing times between 100 and 200 milliseconds. With ultrasonic sealing heat is generated at the inside of the film, not by heat input from the outside as is the case with heat sealing,



Frequency35 kHz
Power800 Watt
Type of sonotrodeRotary wheel type
Material of the sonotrodeHigh quality special steel or Titanium
Working ModeTime mode, energy mode, amplide mode
Voltage110v or 220v or 230v
ApplicationFor sealing TPU material or PU material, and Non-woven material


Apply to lace clothing, ribbon,trim,Filter, Lacing and quilting,decoration products, handkerchief, tablecloth, curtain, bedspread, pillowcase, quilt cover, tent, raincoat, disposable operating coat and hat, disposable mask, non-woven fabric bags and so on.

Main advantages:


·         More stability.

·         Easy operation.

·         The wheels and most of parts are made from titanium materials, long service life.

·         Digital ultrasonic power supply, automatic tracking frequency, with real-time monitoring LCD screen.

·         Easily integrated on customers' current processing line.

HSF57B-CB-Y Structural diagram





CE Certification:




Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.







Q:What is 1/2-20UNF means?

A:It is a kind of American thread code, 1/2 means 1/2 inch of the diameter and 20 means there are 20 threads per inch.

Q:What is the material of the metal shell outside of transducer?

A:Normally we adopt stainless steel or aluminium alloy with electroplating treatment.We can also use titanium alloy at your requirement.


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