Ultrasonic Sewing Machine 35kHz High Weld Strength Seamless

ALTRASONIC offers a new, trendsetting-welding technology that fulfils high quality requirements through its reliability and precision. Versatile application such as for clothing, active wear or underwear etc. makes our machines a good supplement to conventional production.

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine 35kHz High Weld Strength Seamless 


Ultrasonic sewing machines comes in many designs, but common for most of the they are made with 20 kHz, and operator that is using them are them exposed for the high sound level and thereby hearing loos over time.

We have developed our ultrasonic sewing machines from 35 kHz and up and thereby no hearing sound or uncomfortable feeling when using them.

The advantage are also that do to the higher ultrasonic frequency you are also able to weld faster and weld material that you are not able to weld with 20 kHz.

Our vertical ultrasonic sewing machine are able to ultrasonic weld PVC up to 2mm thick and 40mm wide, for tarpaulins for trucks, this is never seen before with ultrasonic and speed up to 25 meters per minute, without burning the PVC.







1. Cleanly cut and seal edges of synthetics and nonwovens

2. Eliminate fraying, unraveling, and material build-up

3. Need no needles, threads, adhesives, or other consumables

4. Four times faster than sewing machines

5. Ten times faster than adhesive machines

6. Minimal operator training required


1. Non-woven industry: filter bags, health care products, medical mattresses and pillows, needle blankets, surgical sheets, foils, bulletproof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filters, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR modules and many more.

2. Apparel industry: outdoor clothing, protective clothing, bras, underwear, medical clothing and curtains, soft shells, sportswear, clean room clothing, etc.

3. Automotive industry: interior and insulation projects, protective covers, awnings, etc.



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