LCD Screen Display Ultrasonic Measuring Sound Intensity For Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

​The sound intensity measuring instrument can quickly and simply measure the sound intensity anytime and anywhere, and intuitively give the sound power value

LCD Screen Display Ultrasonic Measuring Sound Intensity For Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


Frequency range10.0-200.0
Measuring range (w/cm2)0-25.4
Resolution (w/cm2)0.01
Fluid temperature0℃-135℃
Probe length0.5m
Probe materialStainless steel


Due to cavitation and other disturbances, the actual voltage waveform is a superposition of a main wave and many sub-waves. The precise ultrasonic frequency (energy) analyzer produced by our company can intuitively observe the actual waveform and read the sound intensity value.


1. This admeasuring apparatus simplicity of operator, measuring accurate.

2. Hand hold with lithium battery, can meet the power converter for chargingal

3. Color screen display, sound intensity and time curve real-time computation and store the maximum and average sound intensity, and be able to replay the curve of the specified period of time and data at any time.


1. Ultrasonic cleaning trough in ultrasonic intensity distribution of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2. Ultrasonic device adjustment inspection, industrial parts management.

3. The cleaning effect of ultrasonic irradiation intensity and cleaning effect analysis etc.

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