Ultrasonic Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument For Measuring Ultrasonic Cleaner

​The sound intensity measuring instrument can quickly and simply measure the sound intensity anytime and anywhere, and intuitively give the sound power value

Ultrasonic Sound Intensity Measuring Instrument For Measuring Ultrasonic Cleaner


Frequency range10.0-200.0
Measuring range (w/cm2)0-25.4
Resolution (w/cm2)0.01
Fluid temperature0℃-135℃
Probe length0.5m
Probe materialStainless steel


1. This measuring instrument is simple to use and accurate.

2. The frequency measurement of HS-200I series and above has an intelligent fixed gear mode, without manual selection.

3. Real-time power detection, remind users in time.

4. With power saving mode, long working hours.


1. Ultrasonic cleaning trough in ultrasonic intensity distribution of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2. Ultrasonic device adjustment inspection, industrial parts management.

3. The cleaning effect of ultrasonic irradiation intensity and cleaning effect analysis etc.

Product List

Display instrument 1pc

Probe 1pc

Dedicated charger 1pc

Main characteristic 

1. Realize one key automatic measurement and display sound intensity value and waveform automatically

2. Above 200I series With digital readout sound intensity value and frequency

3. 320 × 240 3.2 inch color LCD with LED backlight

4. Built in 2300mah lithium battery pack, external AC power adapter

5. Automatic shutdown without signal input within 10 minutes







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