Portable 10kHz - 100kHz Ultrasonic Frequency Meter

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Portable 10kHz - 100kHz Ultrasonic Frequency Meter



Circuits and equipment may be designed to operate at a fixed or variable frequency. They may perform abnormally if operated at a different frequency than specified.

For example, an ac motor designed to operate at 60 Hz operates slower if the frequency is less than 60 Hz, or faster if frequency exceeds 60 Hz. For ac motors, any change in frequency causes a proportional change in motor speed. A five percent reduction in frequency yields a five percent reduction in motor speed.

Therefore, the frequency measuring instrument is very important in the ultrasonic industry.



Model: HS-FT17

Frequency Range: 10K-100K

Environment Temperature: Normal

Display: 3.2 Inch TFT(320*240)

Power Supply: Two 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Operation Style: Film Button

Size (mm): 216(L)*100(W)*34(D)

Weight (g): 354

Input Power: 4.2-40(Vpp)

Frequency measuring instrument (4)

frequency measuring instrument (7)


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