High-efficiency 28K 800W Ultrasonic Welding Converter

High-efficiency 28K 800W Ultrasonic Welding Converter

This Type Ultrasonic Transducer is applied to different type ultrasonic welding machine, standard welding machine, NTK type welding machine. And can be connected with different type welding horn.

High-efficiency 28K 800W Ultrasonic Welding Converter


Joint bolt1/2-20UNF
Ceramic diameter38mm
Qty of ceramic4pcs
Applicationwelding machine  


The converter uses the piezoelectric effect of materials to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.It has stable power and high reliability. Its raw material is high quality aluminum material, if there are special requirements, can be replaced by other materials.


The ultrasonic transducer is widely used in various types of ultrasonic welders, standard welders and NTK welders.And it can be connected to different types of welding Angle.

Competitive Advantage:

1.Low heat and long working hours.

2. Suitable for precision machining of any hard and brittle materials;It is especially suitable for drilling, punching, cutting and carving of glass, gem, ceramic, gem, semiconductor, ceramic and hard alloy.

3. For some special projects, you can provide us with samples, and then we can give you a competitive price for customizati.


Q: Why was the transducer burned out?

 Working over the maximum power of the transducer;Working voltage is too high;The temperature is too high;Positive and negative spark, short circuit.


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