Ultrasonic Cutter Aided By Robotic Arm For Automobile Carpet Cutting

Ultrasonic Cutter Aided By Robotic Arm For Automobile Carpet Cutting

Specification: Principle The ultrasonic cutting machine is composed of Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic booster, ultrasonic cutting knife and ultrasonic generator. ● Ultrasonic generator It converted the high frequency high voltage AC current to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducers...

Ultrasonic Cutter Aided by Robotic Arm for Automobile Carpet Cutting


Ultrasonic Cutting delivers cleaner cuts and enhanced precision for applications formerly delegated to  waterjet, laser cutting, hard tooling and manual trimming.  This environmentally-friendly solution reduces operating costs, works within a small footprint, and is energy efficient, clean and eco-friendly.


1. Non-metallic materials including plastics, film, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. 

2. Automotive interior components such as door trim, steering wheels, instrument panels, consoles and HVAC molded components.

3. Most all injected, vacuum, rotational or blow molded parts for general industry usage.


1. Improves cut quality for carpets, headliners, plastics and more, compared to conventional methods

2. With its slim design and efficient operation, reduce your operating and retooling 

3. Designed for maximum flexibilitcuptime with self-sharpening tools and fast changeover.

Why Altrasonic :


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Our clients and our high-quality machines deserve the best service. Therefore, service is one of Altrasonic’s priorities.

Focus on your production

Your machines have to produce. Therefore, Altrasonic’s service team is 24/7 available for support. Our well trained and experienced service engineers advise and support on-line or if necessary on location. Whether a custom-made production line or a standard machine: we always ensure that production can be resumed as soon as possible.

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