Ultrasonic Transducer Performance Tester

Ultrasonic Transducer Performance Tester

Easy Operation portable Ultrasonic Components Measuring For TRZ Horn and Ceramic Analysis Introduction: The Measuring instrument which can easily replace much more complex and more complicated, also many times more expensive instruments from Agilent/HP, as for instance: HP Impedance Gain-Phase...
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Ultrasonic Transducer Performance Tester


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Impedance analyzer can measure and evaluate the parameters and performance of piezoelectric ceramic sheet, piezoelectric transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic grinder, ultrasonic processing equipment and other devices.The characteristics of impedance analyzer are: easy to use, the combination of indicators and graphics, accurate parameters, low price, very strong guidance to production, etc.



Product features

1. High precision impedance measurement, accurate to o.1hz

2. It is easy to make defect judgment through admittance circle and logarithmic curve

3. The test results completely distinguish between the vibration point and the half-power point

4. The test data computer can store, print and trace data sources indefinitely

5. Automatic screening and statistics, parameter screening can be set

6. High automation efficiency, simple operation and no manual error

Parameters description:




Q:Can data be stored in the storage media (USB Hard Drive... etc.)?

A:At present, it support PC storage, we have reserved USB port and after we update the software,the date can be directly storaged into USB Hard Drive or mobile phone. 

Q:What is the PC interface method connect to your analyzer?

A:The interface method is RS232, you can also buy USB-RS232 interface converter.

Q:what kinds of graph will display on your impedance analyzer?

A:There are G B-F; LgZ Phi-F; R`X-F; Z Phi-F; Y Phi-F graphs.