20kHz Replacement Branson Titanium Ultrasonic Booster

The Ultrasonic booster is a one half-wavelength long resonant section made of aluminum or titanium. It is mounted between the Ultrasonic converter and the Ultrasonic horn, and modifies the amplitude of vibration applied to the Ultrasonic horn.

20kHz Replacement Branson Titanium Ultrasonic Booster 


The main function of an ultrasonic booster is to augment the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations when placed between the converter and the sonotrode, forming the vibrating assembly. 

They are generally built out of aluminum or titanium alloy, depending of the industry they get employed in.

In the ultrasonics technology field, amplifications usually are standardized and then subordinated to the application, geometries and materials of the pieces that need welding.



1. Altrasonic Boosters are available with ratios of:

1:0:5 reduce the amplitude / vibrations.

1:1.0 keep the amplitude without change.

1:1.5 increase the amplitude / vibrations.

1:2.0 increase the amplitude / vibrations.

Special ratios are made per request. 

2. Altrasonic Boosters are available with materials of:


Titanium alloy


3. Altrasonic Boosters are available with frenquencies of:

20 kHz

30 kHz

35 kHz

Special frenquencies are made per request.


1. Integration:

Designed for the assembly into ultrasonic welding machines and special actuators

2. Versatile use:

The ideal booster for every application thanks to a great range of amplifications factors and materials

3. Reliable:

Heavy duty

4. High quality:

Low-loss and true to amplitude

5. Clamping:

Rigid storing in clamp housing


Ultrasonic boosters are widely used in ultrasonic systems. It is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, plastic welding, metal welding, drilling, milling, machining and many other fields.

booster - Branson type titanium material (12)

booster - Branson type titanium material (9)


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