800W Replacement Dukane 40k Converter For Welding Set

800W Replacement Dukane 40k Converter For Welding Set

The transducer consists of a bolt, a piezoelectric ceramic, an electrode, a front end and a back end.

800W Replacement Dukane 40K Converter for welding Set


ModelDukane 40k Replacement
Connect screwM8*1.25
Ceramic diameter35mm
Qty of ceramic2pcs


Welding machine


1. High Efficiency: of high mechanical factor. High transfer efficiency is obtained when working in resonance frequency.
2. Big amplitude: designed and chosen by computer, high oscillation speed and big amplitude in front operculum.
3. Big Power: under the function of the prestressed force screw rod, the piezoelectric ceramics can work freely in the highest level of power.
4. In good heat resistance: of small resonance impedance, less heat produced, can be used in a wide range of temperature with long life and high reliability.

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