35KHz Ultrasonic Converter Replasement Herrmann Type

The transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical motion, and in use, the charge is introduced across the ceramic surface at the desired frequency, which in turn causes motion or vibration at the working end of the converter. The converter is screwed onto a booster that increases, reduces or transfers the amount of movement from the surface of the converter to the horn.

35KHz Ultrasonic Converter Replasement Herrmann Type



An ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device that converts input electrical energy into mechanical energy (ie, ultrasonic waves) and then delivers it, and consumes very little energy (less than 10%). Therefore, the problem that should be considered the most use of ultrasonic transducers is the match with the input and output.



Model: Replacement for Herrmann type

Frequency: 35Khz

Application: Welding


The transducer consists of three parts: the transducer, the booster and the welding head (also known as the welding head or the sonotrode). The piezoelectric ceramic transducer is a piezoelectric ceramic transducer commonly used in existing ultrasonic equipment. The piezoelectric ceramic is clamped between two metal front and rear load blocks by screws, and the normal output amplitude of the transducer is about 10 μm.

Weld head: The function of the welding head is to manufacture specific plastic parts to meet the requirements of the shape and processing range of plastic parts.

Transducers, boosters, and horns are all designed with a half-wavelength of the ultrasonic operating frequency, so both size and shape require special design. Any change can result in changes in frequency and processing effects, which requires specialized production. Durability will vary depending on the materials and size used.

Materials suitable for ultrasonic transducers, horns and welding heads include: titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, alloy steels, and the like. Since the ultrasonic wave continuously vibrates at a frequency of about 20 kHz, the material requirements are very high, and ordinary materials are acceptable.


Different applications of ultrasonic transducers require different performance parameters, such as ultrasonic transducers for transmission requiring large output power and high energy conversion efficiency; ultrasonic transducers for receiving ultrasound require wide frequency bands and high sensitivity. Therefore, in the specific design process of the ultrasonic transducer, the parameters of the ultrasonic transducer must be rationally designed according to the specific application.

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