Replacement Branson Ultrasonic Booster Purple 1:0.6 Ratios

The main function of an ultrasonic booster is to augment the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations when placed between the converter and the sonotrode, forming the vibrating assembly.

Replacement Branson Ultrasonic Booster Purple 1:0.6 Ratios 


The success of an ultrasonic plastics assembly application is dependent on the required force, time, and velocity factor to obtain the correct energy level. The ultrasonic velocity factor is obtained by using the correct ultrasonic horn and ultrasonic booster combination to provide the optimum amplitude for the type of plastic, size of part, and type of assembly to be per-formed. Since it may be technically impractical to design the correct amplitude into the ultrasonic horn because of its shape, ultrasonic boosters are used to either increase or decrease the amplitude at the ultrasonic horn face to transmit the required energy to the joint interface.



1. Altrasonic Boosters are available with ratios of:

1:0:5 reduce the amplitude / vibrations.

1:1.0 keep the amplitude without change.

1:1.5 increase the amplitude / vibrations.

1:2.0 increase the amplitude / vibrations.

Special ratios are made per request. 

2. Altrasonic Boosters are available with materials of:


Titanium alloy


3. Altrasonic Boosters are available with frenquencies of:

20 kHz

30 kHz

35 kHz

Special frenquencies are made per request.


1. Designed for the assembly into ultrasonic

welding machines and special actuators

2. The ideal booster for every application thanks to a

great range of amplifications factors and materials

3. Heavy duty

4. Low-loss and true to amplitude

5. Rigid storing in clamp housing


The standard boosters are suitable for the amplification of the amplitude of standard machines and special actuators. It is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, plastic welding, metal welding, drilling, milling, machining and many other fields.

booster Branson type 1 - 0 (8)

booster Branson type 1 - 0 (1)


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