Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing Machine

Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing Machine

Date:Oct 24, 2019

Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing Machine

The traditional sewing machine sews the two pieces of cloth together by the needle driven line, during the threading process, not only the cloth is punctured but also the it is not combined between the cloth, they are only tied together by a thin line, this cloth is easy to be broken as well as the line. Thermoplastic fabric can be sewed together by hot air welding, and no need for needle thread but the welding temperature is not easy to control and the welding speed is slow.

Ultrasonic seamless sewing system can sew most thermoplastic fabrics, compared with ordinary needle stitching, ultrasonic sewing has the characteristics of high stitching strength, good sealing ,fast sewing speed and without needle thread. And the ultrasonic seamless sewing machine also completely solves the problem that the moving direction of the ultrasonic welding head is inconsistent with the moving direction of the cloth, and the problem of non-synchronization will replace the ordinary sewing machine.

Ultrasonic seamless sewing system includes 35Khz ultrasonic transducer,booster, a disc-type welding head and a dedicated digital power. Ultrasonic digital power converts commercial power into 35Khz high-frequency and high-voltage alternating current and supplies it to the ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer converts eletrical energy into mechanical energy(ultrasonic waves), and the transducer generates amplitude when it is telescopically moved in the longitudinal direction, and then transmits it to the disc-shaped welding head through the horn. Thus, the disc-shaped welding head is welded, equipped with a frame, a pressure roller and an auxiliary structure and control components, which is a finished ultrasonic cutting sewing machine.

Competitive advantages:

High stability: When the ultrasonic is seamlessly stitched, the rotation of the welding wheel and the pressure roller are completely synchronized, and there is no difference in speed and angle, which does not cause stretching, twisting or deformation of the cloth, and the precision is extremely high. Thanks to the hot melt effect, no need to use needle thread, the product is more waterproof, lighter and easier to fold.

● Welding and cutting synchronization: Ultrasonic seamless sewing equipment is not only suitable for continuous sewing, but also for cutting textiles while welding, and achieving automatic edge sealing.

● No heat radiation: When the ultrasonic is sutured, the energy penetrates through the material layer for welding without heat radiation. During the continuous stitching process, heat is not transmitted to the product, which is particularly advantageous for the packaging of heat sensitive products.

● The weld seam can be controlled: the cloth is passed under the welding wheel and the pressure roller, and the cloth is welded by ultrasonic waves. The pressure roller can be changed, the weld size and embossing can be changed, and the use is more flexible and convenient.

● Wide range of applications: All thermoplastic (softened after heating) fabrics, special tapes and films can be welded using ultrasonic seamless stitching equipment. The rollers are made of hardened steel for extended service life.



Technology industry: filter bags, health supplies, medical mattresses and pillows, needle blankets, surgical sheets, foils, bulletproof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filters, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR modules, etc. .

★ Apparel industry: outdoor clothing, protective clothing, bras, underwear, medical clothing and curtains, soft shells, sportswear, clean room clothing, etc.

★ Automotive industry: interior and insulation projects, protective covers, awnings, etc.

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