Riveting Application Of Plastic Hot Riveting Technology In The Automotive Industry

Riveting Application Of Plastic Hot Riveting Technology In The Automotive Industry

Date:Mar 24, 2021

Riveting application of plastic hot riveting technology in the automotive industry

Plastic hot riveting assembly is a new design concept for the assembly of thermoplastic materials and other incompatible materials. It is a method of fixed assembly with simple structure, high reliability and cost-effectiveness. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high quality and beautiful appearance. Multi-point riveting fixation does not need to add any adhesives, solvents and fillers. The application of this technology can replace the fluxes, adhesives, buttons or other mechanical fixing methods and other parts and materials required in the past production, thereby reducing the number of processes, Improve production efficiency, greatly reduce assembly costs and material consumption. According to this method, the assembly of molded components is firm, compact and stable, with good vibration resistance, aging resistance, and impact resistance, and the processing operation is simple, energy-saving, and fast, and the operator does not need it High professional skills, product quality can be checked visually through appearance.

       Plastic hot riveting technology is a simple, low-cost, high-efficiency and simple fixed assembly technology. It can rivet and assemble plastic parts and metal parts or other components of non-weldable materials into a whole. The riveting surface is beautiful, smooth, and not easy to crack and brittle.化. This technology has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable structure, no vibration, no noise, no pollution, and high processing quality. It can be widely used in the production of aerospace and military industry, electronic appliances, instrumentation, automobiles, household appliances, hardware and other industries. Typical applications are in automotive airbag trim cover panels, plastic hot riveting of car lights, and riveting of car door interior trims.

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