Impedance Analyzer For Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

The impedance analyzer can accurately measure in the impedance range and a wide frequency range. It uses different conductive effects of the object. When a fixed low-level current is applied to the surface of the object, various devices, equipment parameters and Pros and cons.

Impedance Analyzer For Ultrasonic Welding Transducer


The impedance analyzer can be measured and evaluated to match the circuit. For piezoelectric ceramics, you can directly judge the advantages and disadvantages of the device based on the admittance circle diagram and the logarithmic coordinates. If the ceramic chip is layered or cracked, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks and the admittance circle diagram will have multiple small circles.

Whether the horn is properly designed, machined and assembled, or defective, can be seen directly on the guide circle.



Impedance Analyzer HS520A Newest
Frequency Range1KHz~500KHz
Basic Accuracy< 0.5%
Scan Speed5 sec/one pass (equivalent to 600 scan dots)
Frequency Accuracy±10 ppm
Phase Accuracy0.15 degree
Temperature Range10~40 degree Celsius
Impedance Range0.1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step0.1Hz to Any
Measure ItemsResonance Frequency: Fs
Half Power Frequency: F1 and F2
Maximum real admittance at Fs: Gmax
Dynamic Resistance: R1
Anti resonance frequency: Fp
Mechanical quality factor: Qm
Free capacitance: CT
Dynamic inductance: L1
Dynamic capacitance: C1
Static capacitance: Co
electromechanical coupling coefficient: Keff and Kp
Maximum real impedance at Fp: Zmax


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