40kHz Rubber Cutter Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine High Accuracy Cutter

Ultrasonic rubber cutting principle is through the ultrasonic generator 50 / 60Hz current into 20,30 or 40kHz power. The converted high frequency electrical energy is again converted into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency by means of transducers, which are then transmitted to the cutter through a set of amplitude modulator means which can vary the amplitude. The cutter transmits the received vibration energy to the cutting surface of the workpiece to be cut, in which the vibration energy is cut by activating the molecular energy of the rubber and opening the molecular chain.

40kHz Rubber Cutter Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine High Accuracy Cutter


Frequency: 39.8kHz±500Hz.

Power: 800W.

Generator: 220V, 50HZ, 10A.

Power supply size: 252x195x424 (including parts outside the chassis)

Ambient temperature: 0℃~40℃


1. More Stable and strong

2. High precision 

3.Trial running test already before shipment

4. The cutting incision is smooth, reliable, accurate trimming.

5. It is no deformation, no warped edge.

6. No deformation after cutting;cutting surface is very smooth.

7.Workers will be not tired after long operate.

8.Can be install onto the PLC robotic arm.

Product List

Ultrasonic rubber cutter: 1pc

Ultrasonic Generator: 1pc

Power cable: 1pc

Transducer cable: 1pc

External control line: 1pc





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