Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For 35kHz 800W

ALTRASONIC offers a new, trendsetting-welding technology that fulfils high quality requirements through its reliability and precision. Versatile application such as for clothing, active wear or underwear etc. makes our machines a good supplement to conventional production.

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine for 35kHz 800W


The ultrasonic seamless sewing core parts have a wide range of applications and almost all thermoplastics (ie softened after heating) can be used. Moreover, compared with the ordinary needle stitching, the ultrasonic stitching does not use the needle and the thread, and the stitching strength is high and the sealing property is good. As long as the machine manufacturer is equipped with a frame, a pressure roller and an auxiliary structure and control components, it is a finished ultrasonic cutting sewing machine.




1. The new computer intelligent ultrasonic generator;

2. Bottom mold fixed suspension mechanism, single motor speed

3. Manual or optional pneumatic flower pattern lifting system, multi-purpose flower mold bracket and horizontal fine-tuning structure;

4. Double-tube rack, ordinary table, single head;

5. 35kHz ultrasound transducer.


1. Built-in computer chip, multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the host;

2. Super power output, with adjustable middle-medium and third-range power, suitable for welding and cutting requirements of different materials and thickness;

3. The application of automatic frequency-tracking system and ultrasonic soft-start technology, the performance of this machine has reached the international level;

4. Patterns are varied, and designs can be provided according to customer needs;

5. The running speed is four times that of the ordinary sewing machine, and the operation is simple;

6. Bottom mold rotation function makes chassis wear evenly, prolong service life, improve processing quality.


1. Trimming: The unilateral straight line or curve is cut off, and the edge treatment is performed so that the edges are smooth and smooth without rough edges;

2. Stitching: two or more layers of fabric stitched together, wireless needle instead of sewing and welding strength is good;

3. Boring holes: cut out a variety of flower holes, and do edge processing;

4. Open strips: Single or multiple strips of material are cut open at the same time and no burrs are processed in the melt edge;

5. Molding: Simultaneously remove, sew and emboss to make the product once formed.

The scope of application of various chemical fiber fabrics, all kinds of artificial leather, non-woven fabrics, spray cotton, thermoplastic films, chemical plastic films and so on.



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