35K Sealing Machine With Ultrasonic Solutions

Description: The work method of Seamless sewing part is completely imitating traditional sewing machine. The biggest characteristic is the ultrasonic transmit horn work direction is same with the sewed cloth. Which will make the sewed point of the cloth are even, flat and fastness. Through...

35k sealing machine with Ultrasonic solutions 



The 35Khz Ultrasonic Sealing Machine, also know as Ultrasonic Sewing Machine. It is specially designed for sewing of thermoplastic fabrics such as nylon fabric, PVC,PU,TPU fabric and non-woven fabric, completely replace the traditional sewing machine, No need needle and thread.






35 KHz


1000 W

Rotary Welding Horns Width

12 mm

Power Adjust Method

File or Continuous

The Horns Surface Hardness

More than HRC56

Real-time Display

Working Frequency and Working Current

Synchronizing Wheel Specifications

46XL Trapezoidal Tooth,Width16mm

Synchronizing Belt Matched

The Length is not more than730mm,the Width 12mm

Allowable Rotation Speed

100 r/min.

Install Bolt

M8, 4 pcs


Suited for:

  • Thermoplastic films (pouches and bags) Tubes, trays, and cups

  • Tubes, trays, and cups

  • Cardboard packaging with thermoplastic coating

  • Valves and vents on films / filter materials

  • Screw caps on coated cardboard packaging / films

Usually used in clothing industry is the ultrasonic lace machine, which is mainly used in cutting and welding cloth. Owing to its transmit horn is a plane, so it only can turn its own geometric center and cant turn the same direction with the cloth. Which make the sewed point of the cloth is unevenness. The transmit horn of Seamless sewing part is a circumference horn, and can turn around. For the cloth, it is jointing with the cloth and working at the same time. The ultrasonic seamless sewing part advance ultrasonic lace machine and its market prospects are very bright.

Main advantages:
• More stability.
• Easy operation.
• The wheels and most of parts are made from titanium materials, long service life.
• Digital ultrasonic power supply, automatic tracking frequency, with real-time monitoring LCD screen.
• Easily integrated on customers'current processing line.


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