35K Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Welder With Digital Generator

35K Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Welder With Digital Generator

Specifications: Gun type : in accordance with the shape design of human body engineering, ultrasonic start switch is located on the trigger, easy to grasp and use the welding operation, especially suitable for horizontal or vertical. Cylinder type: for the appearance of design straight,...

35K Handheld Ultrasonic Plastic Welder with Digital Generator


The welding horn penetrates from the upper part to the lower part, and the thermal energy generated after contacting the mold surface makes the material plasticized and welded.The extruded plastic flows upwards and forms a circular bulge. Spot welding can also realize a mobile ultrasonic manual welding equipment (hand welding gun).

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1. Small size, simple operation and quick cleaning;Module integrated circuit, strong power output;

2. Built-in automatic protection circuit, safe to use, stable and reliable to work.The welding surface is firm, strong, beautiful and environment-friendly.

3. According to the size of riveting point and welding requirements of the products to be welded, it is quick and convenient to replace different ultrasonic welding heads.

Applicable industries:

plastic, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, packaging, environmental protection, medicine

Therapeutic equipment, non - woven cloth, toys, communications equipment and other industries.



CE Certification:




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