30Khz Portable Ultrasonic Cutting Machine 200W

Description: Ultrasonic cutting system, the main components include ultrasonic generator (drive power), ultrasonic transducer, horn, cutting knife (tool head) and the output lines, control lines. Ultrasonic drive power will be converted into high-frequency high-voltage AC current, lost to the...

30Khz Portable Ultrasonic Cutting Machine 200W

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To solve the difficult cutting problem you now have, we recommend you to consider the Ultrasonic Cutters.

I do not emit noise, smoke and cause air contamination. Thus, ultrasonic cutting is an environment- friendly processing method.

Ultrasonic Cutters can smoothly cut difficult-to-cut materials easily such as:

Carbon Prepreg materials 




Nonwoven fabric


Plastic sheet etc.




Superior ultrasonic cut

Optimum portion control

Minimum giveaway

Maximum yield

High accuracy and repeatability

Powerful vision technology for product identification

Hygienic, low maintenance and easy to clean

Why Altrasonic?

1. The after-sales service of ALTRASOONIC is available Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  We also offer service contracts over a 24-hour hotline.

Our after-sales service staff will assist you with advice and practical support, so that you can benefit from our outstanding technical knowledge.

2. We provide a first aid service by telephone and will attempt to solve problems in conjunction with the competent departments. If necessary, our experienced service engineers will rectify the problems of the machine directly on site at the customers’ premises. Our after-sales service department is renowned for its rapid response times.

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