Battery Copper Sheet Welding 20kHz Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welding Machine

Ultrasonic metal welding offers the automotive, appliance, and electronics industries substantial labor savings as well as the capability to verify the quality of every bond. First developed for joining plastic parts, ultrasonic welding has been increasingly used for splicing and terminating wire.

battery copper sheet welding 20kHz ultrasonic metal spot welding machine



Ultrasonic welding eliminates twisting, fluxing, and tinning, so it is usually faster than soldering, resistance welding, and brazing. It also saves material because it uses no consumable flux or solder. Ultrasonic welding is also finding increasing application in sealing copper tubing in refrigeration systems.

HS-MW series ultrasonic spot welding machine is the high frequency vibration between the work piece surface, until the contact surface heating and welding together. As copper, silver, nickel chromium canwelding to dot or strip, which can be widely applied to the silicon chip fuses, quick fuse melts melting, electrical wire terminals, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery pole piece such as dot, strip welding.


Working air pressure0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa0.05-0.9MPa
Working head Size550*280*380mm550*280*430mm550*380*660mm
Machine Size540*380*150mm540*380*150mm540*380*150mm



 金属点焊 (5)

金属点焊 (31)


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