Aluminum Plastic Pipe 20khz 2200watt Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Compared to traditional food cutting knives, ultrasonic food cutting machines do not require sharp edges and do not require a lot of pressure, and the food is not damaged.

Aluminum Plastic Pipe 20khz 2200watt Ultrasonic Welding Machine 


ultrasonic aluminum tube welding machine (8)


Developed and produced by hangzhou aolang technology co., LTD., ultrasonic metal welder is specially used for welding aluminum foil and other metal components.Ultrasonic welding of metals can be done without the use of any flux or adhesive.Some of its advantages are its fast welding speed.Small strength, small deformation, reliable quality, clean joint delicate.The welder consists of ultrasonic generator, sensor and bracket.The ultrasonic generator has a control circuit composed of the latest integrated circuit.The circuit is equipped with overload protection.The power amplifier circuit USES the self-drive switch oscillator.This includes automatic frequency tracking, and its output power can be automatically adjusted to adapt to changes in load, so it is easy to adjust.Ultrasonic generator adopts imported high power transistor and high quality piezoelectric crystal.The sensor has high conversion efficiency and can work for a long time.Welding nozzle made of high quality alloy steel, specially used for ultrasonic tools, good wear resistance.



Ultrasonic metal welding process advantages:

1. The welding temperature is low, the welding material is not melted, and the metal characteristics are not brittle.

2. Good electrical conductivity after welding, and the resistance performance is better than other welding processes.

3, high welding efficiency, no need for any flux, gas, solder.

4, welding without sparks, environmental protection and safety.


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