Car Air Condition Riveting 28Khz Ultrasonic

Definition of ultrasonic auto plastic welding: Ultrasonic welding is a high-tech technology of sintered plastic products. The use of this technology can replace past production of flux, adhesives, buckles or other mechanical fixation, thereby improving the production efficiency and reduce costs....

Car Air Condition Riveting 28Khz Ultrasonic

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Normally the auditory range of normal human ear sensitivity is 20HZ-20000HZ, so the waves within this range are called “sound waves”. Waves that exceed this range are called "ultrasonic waves," and waves below this range are called "infrasonic waves." The principle of ultrasonic wave is to use the wave-wave crest amplitude transmission amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under the pressure, the two ultrasonic plastic parts or other parts and the ultrasonic plastic parts contact with each other to cause the molecules to melt and make contact with the plastic. Fusion, to achieve the purpose of processing. Ultrasonic welding machines used in plastic processing, the existing several operating frequency 28KHZ, 35KHZ, 15KHZ, 20KHZ, 40KHZ.






What are the advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding machine?

1. welding speed, sealing performance; hot riveting machine

2. low cost, clean and pollution-free and will not damage the workpiece;

3. the welding process is stable, all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system, once it is found that the failure is easy to exclude and maintain. Hot melt machine

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