Ultrasonic Food Cutter with PLC Control System

Specification: Description: This ultrasonic food cutting machine is perfect for sticky, difficult to cut, and delicate products. The Ultrasonic blade vibrates at 20 kHz to prevent the product from sticking to the blade, allowing each slice to have a clean quality look. The ultrasonic food...




● frozen cakes and pies
● frozen fish
● snack and health bars
● fresh/frozen prepared meats
● dough or baked cookies
● soft and hard cheeses
● fresh/frozen vegetables
● candy and confections
● ice cream bars 



● Cutting speeds can be increased substantially
● The vibration of the ultrasonic food processing system using high frequency wave to quickly cut food;
● Greatly reduced normal down time for clean up
● Provides a new way to cut piece, cutting, steering, and transfer alignment or different kinds of food;
● Makes the cost of production flow minimization;
● Especially for cutting high viscosity food;
● Cutting is very hygienic;
● The cut food looks neat and beautiful;
● Suitable for automated assembly line, do not have to make a lot of changes to the original line, saving production costs.

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