Automotive Robot Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Automotive Robot Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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Automotive Robot Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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Automobile robot ultrasonic welding machine is a highly automated ultrasonic welding equipment. The use of robot instead of manual ultrasonic welding is the development trend of ultrasonic welding manufacturing. It is an important means to improve the quality of ultrasonic welding, reduce costs and improve the working environment.

As an important symbol of the development of modern manufacturing technology, robot welding technology has been accepted by many domestic factories, and more and more automotive OEMs and parts factory ultrasonic welding robots as a technological transformation plan.

The robot drives the ultrasonic system, which can flexibly move the ultrasonic welding structure and automatically complete multi-point welding of plastic products. Multiple sets of welding data can be stored.


1. Multi-point automatic welding, high speed and stability

2. Multiple sets of data storage functions, abnormal alarms and prompts

3. Concentric straight shaft is used to prevent recoil, servo motor control, and high welding precision.

4.SMC pneumatic components, safe and efficient

5. Use Siemens PLC touch screen operation interface, easy to understand.

6. According to the product design, the bottom mold can be processed well with the CNC.

7. High degree of automation


1. Can be used for welding multiple sets of automotive plastic products, only need to replace the welding mold

2. The robot can be reused, the universal type is strong, and the cost is greatly saved.

3. Ultrasonic welding head of one equipment can be used to weld different formed structures

4. High welding strength, fast welding speed and high production efficiency




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