Ultrasonic Welding For Auto Interior Nonwoven

Ultrasonic Welding For Auto Interior Nonwoven

The Manufacturer of Puncture Welding Equipment About Car Soundproof Cotton and Automobile Door Panel Description: Auto soundproof cotton welding similar to auto sound-absorbing cotton, the soundproof felt, vibration isolation cushion, auto soundproof piece, non-woven insulation pad, sound proof...

Ultrasonic Welding for Auto Interior Nonwoven 

35Khz Multi riveting .35Khz Multi riveting horn for auto parts (4)35Khz Multi riveting horn for auto parts (17)


Non-woven sound-insulating cotton plays an important role in the automotive market. Sound-insulating cotton has good thermal insulation effect and is used on plastic interior parts to effectively reduce the noise caused by vehicle operation. Sound insulation cotton is widely used in the automotive industry. The welding of automobile non-woven sound insulation cotton is completed by ultrasonic spot welding.




Car door panel damping silencer pad

Car coat rack silencer pad

Car wheel cover sound insulation cotton

Car fender insulation board

Car door inner village

Engine cover, soundproof cotton


1. It adopts PLC man-machine interface, which is easy to operate and can be combined with semi-automatic production.

2. The equipment is equipped with a screw positioning screw to facilitate the adjustment of the welding orientation and ensure the degree of welding.

3. The equipment adopts 25mm high-purity steel structure, and the equipment is durable and can be produced in three shifts per day.

4. The device is equipped with a safety light barrier and a reset emergency stop button for safer operation.

5. The equipment has low welding energy consumption and is easy to clean.



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