Ultrasonic Auto Tail Spoiler Puncture Welding

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Ultrasonic Auto Tail Spoiler Puncture Welding

Automobile tail spoiler 4Automobile tail spoiler 5Auto Tail Spoiler Puncture Welding


The ultrasonic welding process of the car tail spoiler uses the ultrasonic welding process. Because the structure of the tail is more diverse, it needs to be assembled by the up and down key injection, and the assembly is completed by the secondary welding. The original assembly process is glued and fixed by the nut. The current ultrasonic puncture welding has been greatly improved in terms of environmental protection and cost saving. The advantages of using ultrasonic welding are fast welding speed and high welding fastness. Different tail spoilers have different production cycles depending on the number of solder joints. No damage, cracks, no deformation, and high strength on the welded surface and back surface.




1. The welding strength is good, meets customer’s requirements.

2. Different ultrasonic puncture molds design to meet for different small rectangles.

3. The operation is easy and the performance is stable.


1. How to choose a suitable puncture welding mold?

Ultrasonic puncture molds can be made of aerospace aluminum or titanium alloy, and how many rows of teeth are produced according to customer requirements.

2. What is the design of the ultrasonic piercing welding of the car tail spoiler?

The outer layer is 3.5mm and the inner layer is 3.1mm. Generally, the welding point will be reserved for the puncture welding, and the depth of the point is 1.5mm. An outer layer of ultrasonic welding wire can be added.



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