Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Mask Ear Loop 35kHz 800W

This ultrasonic spot welding machine is specially designed for mask ear loop welding. It is a very efficient and environmentally friendly mask earring welding machine.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding For Mask Ear Loop 35kHz 800W


This ultrasonic ear loop spot welding machine is specially designed for flat mask ear loop welding. The original hand-held welding grab operation was relatively laborious and the efficiency was relatively low. On this basis, we modified it. The head of the welding tool is fixed, a foot switch is added, and the air pressure is used to control the welding stroke. Only need to open the switch when working, press the foot pedal, you can carry out ear strap welding. The operation is very simple and convenient, requiring only one worker to complete the operation.



1. Simple operation, environmental protection and high efficiency

2. Low failure rate

3. The welding end face is smooth and beautiful

4 .Excellent mechanical seal


1. High-quality ultrasonic transducer with strong power and good stability.

2. The whole machine is exquisite in design, small in size and does not take up space.

3. The noise is slight and the working environment is environmentally friendly.

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