Ultrasonic Assembly Manul Machine For Surgical Mask Earloop Welding

Ultrasonic spot welder is suit for surgical mask ear loop welding.

Ultrasonic Assembly Manul Machine for Surgical Mask Earloop Welding

Descriptions :

This ultrasonic spot welding equipment is specially designed for the prevention and control of this epidemic, and can be used to weld the ear straps of masks. Its biggest feature is that the power supply, transducer and welding head of the whole machine are integrated, thus greatly reducing the volume and weight of the whole equipment, not only easy to carry, not occupying space, but also reducing transportation costs. From production to packaging, it is all done by Altrasonic independently to ensure the stability of each machine's welding. We have received good feedback and affirmation from past customers.

Specifications :


Advantages :

1. Designed and manufactured by experienced technicians

2. Targeted design, very good welding effect for mask earbands

3. Very small size and weight, saving cost and space

4. The appearance is novel and the operation is simple, which is very beneficial to the staff with little experience

5. Product warranty and operating instructions are provided

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