35Khz 800Watts Ear Loop Utrasonic Spot Machine For Hospital

This ultrasonic spot welding machine is used in the disposable welding of weaving cotton cloth, gauze mask, two end rubber muscle mainly, Can hold and weld directly.Make energy consumption reduce, weld out of shape, firm, easy to operatly also , bring economy and social benefit to the user.

35kHz 800Watts Ear Loop Utrasonic Spot Machine For Hospital



Frequency: 35kHz

Power: 800Watt

Voltage: 220V

Machine size:  46*41*53CM

Weight: 31.8kgs


This equipment adopts the principle of ultrasonic welding, which can weld the mask ear band to the mask body. The operation is completed by one worker. It is simple and convenient

Unlike the traditional table shape, this one is smaller and lighter.

It is still very popular in the market now, because of its small size, low noise, convenient operation, it is a newly designed style, and it is convenient to transport and save transportation costs.




Easy and fast operation, easy to use

High efficiency and stability

Various applications










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