Ultrasonic Spot Hand Gun 35kHz 1000W For PE HDPE PVC

Today ultrasonic welding is used in every industry that processes plastics. Most common uses are in the Automotive, Medical, Textile, Food, Plastics, and Packaging industries.Conforming to the spirit of "Service First", ALTRASONIC provides lifetime maintenance to its products for as long as they are used by customers.

Ultrasonic Spot Hand Gun 35kHz 1000W For PE HDPE PVC


Ultrasonic Welding Machine is the fastest, cheapest, most precise and effective technology used for welding. By using the ultrasounds, a plastic component is welded at a molecular level thanks to the vibrations issued by the sonotrode. The frequencies of the sonotrodes may vary from 20 kHz, 30 kHz, 35 kHz up to 40 kHz, with the amplitude values from 50 to 5 µm.

Vibrations are directed in a specific manner by the use of energy directors with special designed customized following the application requirements. The contact area between the plastic material and the sonotrode is thus welded by the frictional heat generated by the vibrations. The structural design of the parts and the shape of the area to be welded are very important, especially if the sealing and strength requirements have to be met in the process of mass production.


spot welding


1. Ultrasonic is the fastest, most repeatable and economical assembly method available to the industry today. 

2. With ultrasonic, most thermoplastics can be assembled without heat, mechanical fasteners, or hazardous consumables such as adhesives or solvents. 

3. Ultrasonic can join parts - small or large, simple or complex - with lower reject rates than any other method.

4. Using ultrasonic, labor - both as a skill factor and as a time factor - is significantly reduced. And since the equipment can readily be automated, any non-technical operator can be trained in minutes to produce high volume, high integrity assemblies.


Thermoplastic materials, Electronic, Appliance, Military, Office supplies, Toys, Optical, Precision mechanics, Paper industry, Sport equipment,  Medical industry,  Automotive industry.




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