Ultrasonic Sealing Machine With High Air Tightness, High Weld Strength

Description: The work method of Seamless sewing part is completely imitating traditional sewing machine. The biggest characteristic is the ultrasonic transmit horn work direction is same with the sewed cloth. Which will make the sewed point of the cloth are even, flat and fastness. Through...

ultrasonic sealing machine with High air tightness, high weld strength



The ultrasonic seamless sewing machine has a wide range of applications and almost all thermoplastics (ie softened after heating) can be used. Moreover, compared with the ordinary needle stitching, the ultrasonic stitching does not use the needle and the thread, and the stitching strength is high and the sealing property is good. It is very likely that, to a large extent, it will replace the ordinary sewing machine. We are willing to work with the whole machine manufacturers to make our contribution to improving the sewing machine industry in China.





35 KHz


1000 W

Rotary Welding Horns Width

12 mm

Power Adjust Method

File or Continuous

The Horns Surface Hardness

More than HRC56

Real-time Display

Working Frequency and Working Current

Synchronizing Wheel Specifications

46XL Trapezoidal Tooth,Width16mm

Synchronizing Belt Matched

The Length is not more than730mm,the Width 12mm

Allowable Rotation Speed

100 r/min.

Install Bolt

M8, 4 pcs


Ultrasonic has been used in the garment industry for nearly 20 years. The application fields include fabric cutting, lace cutting, garment stitching, glue sticking, and beading. All of these ultrasonic devices share a common feature that utilizes the longitudinal vibration of the ultrasonic waves. The longitudinal vibration ultrasonic welding system has two major weaknesses: one is bulky and must be mounted perpendicular to the sewing panel, making the machine bulky and cumbersome. The second is that when cutting and welding, the moving direction of the ultrasonic welding head is inconsistent with the moving direction of the cloth, which is not synchronized, causing the fabric to stretch or wrinkle, which will seriously affect the cutting and welding precision of the cloth. Therefore, the ultrasonic longitudinal vibration system is generally based on the cutting of the cloth, and is rarely used for fabric stitching (ie, welding).


Raw material - Bag mouth fold - thermal bonding - side fold - bottom sealing - loop handle fix - thermal bonding - edge cut - bag cut - collection


Usually used in clothing industry is the ultrasonic lace machine, which is mainly used in cutting and welding cloth. Owing to its transmit horn is a plane, so it only can turn its own geometric center and cant turn the same direction with the cloth. Which make the sewed point of the cloth is unevenness. The transmit horn of Seamless sewing part is a circumference horn, and can turn around. For the cloth, it is jointing with the cloth and working at the same time. The ultrasonic seamless sewing part advance ultrasonic lace machine and its market prospects are very bright.


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