Ultrasonic Frequency Sniffer With 10kHz - 100kHz

Ultrasonic Measuring Instrument was independent research and development by the "Hangzhou Altrasonic Technology Co., Ltd.". The company focused on large Power ultrasonic equipment and ultrasonic measurement instruments such as research and development and sales.

Ultrasonic Frequency Sniffer with 10kHz - 100kHz


This hand held battery operated Frequency Sniffer device is used to detect radio frequencies remotely. Use to quickly test if a horn is operating at the proper frequency when diagnosing welding complications. No longer will you have to remove the horn from the machine and test it on a stationary frequency testing unit. 



Model: HS-FT17

Frequency Range: 10K-100K

Environment Temperature: Normal

Display: 3.2 Inch TFT(320*240)

Power Supply: Two 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Operation Style: Film Button

Size (mm): 216(L)*100(W)*34(D)

Weight (g): 354

Input Power: 4.2-40(Vpp)


1. High quality and durable structure

2. Quite easy to use

3. Very accurate and extremely easy to use

4. Achieve the highest sensitivity and frequency accuracy

frequency measuring instrument (9)

frequency measuring instrument (7)


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