Precision Ultrasonic Amplitude Testing Instrument

The ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument is a device specially used for ultrasonic amplitude measurement, which can be used to measure the output amplitude of ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic horns and tool heads.

Precision Ultrasonic Amplitude Testing Instrument


  • The frequency of ultrasonic welding equipment exceeds the frequency range of most measuring instruments.

  • The amplitude of the ultrasonic welding equipment places high demands on the measurement accuracy.

Commonly used test methods are powerless to it, so it is difficult to measure. Generally, only the laser vibrometer can be used for measurement, and good results can be obtained. However, laser vibration measuring equipment is expensive and complicated to operate. Production units and professional research and design units are rarely used. Our frequency detection instruments have been designed and researched, and have been consistently praised by the industry for their low price and accurate testing.



Item No.
Sensitivity1 um
Measuring rangeMore than 3 um
Frequency range10kHz - 200kHz
Supply powerBuilt-in power supply ( DC 3V)
Type of indicatorDigital
Test directionUp or down


Ultrasonic plastic welding, spot welding, cutting, sonochemistry, cell disruption and other equipment output amplitude measurement, can also be measured separately ultrasonic transducer, horn, tool head output amplitude.




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