Automatic Ultrasonic Generator

Description: The principle of ultrasonic welding by the ultrasonic digital generator 50/60 Hz current is converted into 15,20,30 or 40 kHz energy, even reach 60khz. The high frequency electrical energy is converted by the transducer is again converted into a mechanical movement of the same...

Automatic Ultrasonic Power Supply

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Ultrasonic chemical extraction, biodiesel production and sonochemical reaction extraction range from 15Khz to 100Khz. The frequency of 20Khz is the most popular, mainly because the lower ultrasonic frequency is more likely to produce cavitation effects. Practical applications show that 20Khz is the most effective and has been widely used.


Output Power500Watt
Frequency tuning methodAuto tuning
Automatic frequency adjustment range±2
Power adjustable20%-100%
Frequency adjustable20%-100%
Net weight10Kgs
VoltageAC220V or 110V

Competitive Advantage:

1. High stability: All digital integrated circuits, using US imported processor interference, simplify the hardware structure and improve the reliability of the system.

2. Automatic frequency tracking.

3. Strong output power: The IGBT power module is added with its excitation oscillation circuit structure, and the output power is more than 1.5 times that of the traditional self-excited circuit.

4. Amplitude stepless adjustment: The amplitude setting ranges from 10% to 100%.

5. Intelligent three-proof and fault alarm: mode current protection, frequency offset protection, and excessive total output cannot be protected. When the equipment fails, the generator will stop working and make corresponding function prompts until the technician removes the fault.

6. The intelligent closed-loop amplitude control technology realizes the amplitude adjustment, which is not affected by the input power supply voltage and load fluctuation, and the amplitude output remains constant.

7. Two welding methods: switch back and forth to make welding more accurate and better welding effect.



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