Ultrasonic Transducer 60 Khz

Product Details: Specifications: Description: Transducer, in electronics, a device that converts electric energy into some other form of energy, especially the application of mechanical energy in industry is more and more significant We mainly supply two kinds of Ultrasonic transducers: NTK type...
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Product Details

Ultrasonic Transducer 60 Khz

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The transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibrations. And it contains several piezoelectric ceramic discs sandwiched under pressure between two metal blocks. Between each disc is a thin metal plate, which forms the electrode. When a sinusoidal electrical signal is fed to the transducer via the electrodes, the discs expand and contract, producing axial vibrations.

Product Details:

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60 khz

Output power

100 watt

Joint bolt

M6 * 0.75

Ceramic disc Diameter

15 mm

Quantity of Ceramic discs

2 pcs


0.7 - 0.8 nf


4 um


welding machine

Features  :

The ultrasonic transducer for welding produced by our company has the features as follows:

A. low resonance impedance.

B. high Q mechanical value.

C. high efficiency of mechanical and electrical transforming.

D. low calorific capacity.

E. large amplitude and high vibration speed.

PS:we can also customize depend on your requirements.


Q:What is the frequency range of your ultrasonic transducer?

A: We can produce from 15KHz-70KHz ultrasonic transducer, the power can be from 30w-6000w.You can inform us the frequency needed or your application, we will recommend the suitable frequency transducer for you.

Q:What should i do if i need the transducer works continually?

A:The overheating will cause permanent damage, so the cooling will be very important.We usually inlet cooling air or install a cooling fan above the transducer.Do not let the transducer work on a hot environment.

Q:Do you have transducers for ultrasonic cleaning?

A:Sorry, we do not produce transducer for ultrasonic cleaning, our transducers are mainly designed for ultrasonic welding, cutting , machining, atomization and homogenizer.