Seamless Shoes Hand Held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Equipment

Seamless Shoes Hand Held Ultrasonic Spot Welding Equipment

Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, several commonly available operating frequency, 20KHz, 28KHz, 30KHz, 35KHz, 40KHz. The principle is the use of sound waves reached the peak position of the gap between the plastic, in the case of pressure, so that the two fusible elements which could be part of the plastic parts in contact with each other to produce the high-speed friction melts, the contact surface of the plastic fusion, achieve the purpose of processing.

Hand-Held Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

For Seamless Shoes

Technical Parameters:

Model HS3505B Input Voltage 220/110V, 50/60Hz
Weight 9KG Welding Time 0.01-9.99S
Frequency 35KHz Style Hand held
Output Power 500W Too Head Material Titanium Alloy
Control Mode NC Dynamic Forms Ultrasonic
Welding Head Stroke 5 mm Lift Control Manual
Welding Area 8*8mm Spot Welding Size Diameter 1-8mm
Appearance Size 440*120*180mm Cooling Mode

Air Cooling


  • This ultrasonic welding machine uses a new generation of ultrasonic welding technology, which greatly shorten the processing time, a few milliseconds can complete the welding.

  • Application of ultrasonic machining, clean, stable and reliable and low energy consumption, ultrasonic energy only in the precise area of the welding will be consumption, efficient and economical, operation no preheating and heat preservation.

  • This ultrasonic welding machine can not only be used to weld hard thermoplastic, but also can process the fabric and film. With the advantages of fast, clean and safe, favored by the majority of manufacturers.

  • This ultrasonic welding machine can be used for welding thermoplastics, we can change the welding head according to customer demand for welding, spot welding, embedding, removal and other processing.

  • This ultrasonic welding machine adopts imported piezoelectric ceramic crystal oscillator, high efficiency, long service life. Normal circulation self-cooled ultrasonic generator, the failure rate is very low.

  • This ultrasonic welding machine can also be used for thermoplastic plastic products of welding, riveting, welding and metal parts and plastic parts between mosaic and side pressure process, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, no pollution, firm welding, convenient operation.

Ultrasonic Welding Principle:

  • Ultrasonic welding machine is the use of ultrasonic generator to convert low current frequency to high frequency AC, then the same frequency of mechanical vibration by ultrasonic transducer.

  • Mechanical vibration transmitted to the ultrasonic welding joints by the amplitude modulator, the vibrational energy welding joints received transfer to the workpiece to be welded joint. In the region, the energy through friction converted into heat energy, to melt the plastic.

  • After vibration stopped, maintain short-term pressure makes the weldment on artifacts in molecular link way solidification as a whole.


  • High-quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability.

  • Welding fast, each welding time only 0.01-9.99 seconds.

  • Titanium alloy mold, for a variety of environments, difficult to damage.

  • Extended matte plastic handle, protect the transducer damage.

  • Compact design, small space.

  • Low noise, good working environment.

  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion, no pollution, welding firm, and convenient operation.

  • Handheld welder, easy control, precision, spot welding preferred.

  • It can be accurately set and quickly adjusted parameters.

  • Metal paint box, beautiful appearance, durable resistance to fall.

Application Area:

This machine adopts high quality elements, smart design, convenient for carrying and moving, reliable performance, easy operation, mainly for spot welding, bonding, riveting, marking, sealing and so on.



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