Competitive Price 30khz 100w Ultrasonic Humidification Atomizing Humidifier

The rugged, long-life ultrasonic humidification atomizing humidifier USP is often used in mass production and processing, such as in the medical industry and the automotive industry. However, because it is flexible and changeable, it is also suitable for small-scale operations.

Competitive Price 30khz 100w Ultrasonic Humidification Atomizing Humidifier


Atomization Volume: 50L/H

Average Particle Diameter Of Fog: 39um

Atomization Head Structure: Trumpet

Frequency: 30KHz

Power: 100W

Major power supply: 220V 50HZ 2A

Power Consumption: 0.001 Degrees/Kg

The matched transducer: HS-3030-4Z yellow


      The sound sources that generate ultrasonic waves can be distinguished by different sound sources. Ultrasonic atomization burners can be divided into two categories, namely electric and hydrodynamic. Due to its characteristics of cavitation mechanism and influence on liquid rheology, ultrasound gradually shows its superiority in the atomization process of high viscosity liquids such as heavy and residual oil.



1. The use of high-performance titanium and stainless steel.

2. Automatic control, easy operation

3. Built-in electronic protection circuit, safe to use

4. No plug, no abrasion, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.
5. Can be any combination to meet the requirements of the spray volume.










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