Ultrasonic 50K Atomization With Mushroom Shape Nozzle

Ultrasonic 50K Atomization With Mushroom Shape Nozzle

Ultrasonic spray (FOG) is to use the energy of ultrasonic water or liquid scattered, forming several microns to 100 microns in size of particles, used for air humidifying, granulating, mixing liquid, promote chemical reactions, spraying, molten metal powder etc.

Ultrasonic 50K Atomization With Mushroom Shape Nozzle


Technical Parameter:

Spray nozzle shape
Mushroom shape
Diameter of the nozzle
12mm ( generally)
Diameter of the particle


Ultrasonic extraction uses ultrasonic extraction machine to increase the molecular motion frequency of substances by using the strong cavitation effect, mechanical vibration, disturbance effect, high acceleration, emulsification, diffusion, crushing and stirring effects generated by ultrasonic radiation pressure. And speed, increasing the solvent penetration, thereby accelerating the target component into the solvent and facilitating the extraction of the mature extraction technique.


Ultrasonic extraction technology is applicable to a wide range of extracting agents. Water, methanol, ethanol and the like are commonly used extracting agents, which have the advantages of simple operation and high extraction efficiency.



1. Core parts with Titanium materials

2. Ultrasonic horn with different size and type for selection

3. Matching with digital generator, auto-tuning, auto search frequency

4. With automatic alarm protection, easy to operate

5. Power adjustable from 1% to 99%

6. Amplitude stability, long working hours, radiation area is increased 2.5 times than traditional tools.

7. Provide consulting services and custom reactor designs

8. Custom sizes available for laboratory and high volume industrial applications.



Q:What is the diameter of the 30K ultrasonic atomized particle?






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