The Definition And Principle If Impedance Analyzer

The Definition And Principle If Impedance Analyzer

Date:Aug 17, 2018

The definition and principle if impedance analyzer

   Impedance analyzer use the object which has different conductive effects, and add a fixed low level current to the surface of the object, then through impedance to calculate the parameter and performance of various device and equipment.

   The principle of impedance analyzer

   Impedance analyzer can measure and evaluate the parameter and performance of piezoelectric, ceramic sheet, piezoelectric transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine , ultrasonic grinder, ultrasonic processing equipment and other device.

1. It is more intuitive and practical to judge by admittance circle diagram and conductance curve diagram.

Under abnormal conditions, the admittance circle and conductance curve are as follows:


2. Relationship between parameters, curves and devices

   For transducer: parasitic circles can not appear in the admittance circle diagram. The resonant frequency should be as close as possible to the design frequency, the dynamic impedance should be low, the quality factor Qm should be as close as possible to the design requirements, and the capacitance should be matched with the circuit.

   For piezoelectric ceramic, the advantages and disadvantages can be judged directly from the admittance circle graph and logarithmic coordinate. If there is lamination or crack in the ceramic sheet, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks, and there will be many parasitic circle on the admittance circle graph.

   As for the design, process and assembly of the booster, whether it is reasonable or defective, can be clearly seen on the guide circle diagram.

   For the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machine,the state of welding machine is analyzed with the result of admittance circle, and the problems of welding machine are found through the analysis of parameter and figures. 

   For the production and processing of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the choice of the vibrator performance should be as consistent as possible (bandwidth, quality factor, resonance frequency, dynamic impedance). On the admittance circle diagram, as far as possible no parasitic circle or no parasitic circle near the resonance point circle. Can do the impedance characteristic analysis and measurement of the manufacture, incoming inspection, bonding of the transducer. When measuring the whole machine, the resonant frequency and static capacitance of the cleaning machine can be calibrated, in order to match the power and can analysis the new resonance point, after water injection resistance, capacitance and the characteristic of the vibration modes of the whole machine. 

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